•  Parent Portal (online)

    You can access your child's information online through the District 63 Parent Portal. 

    Parent Portal information page: explains all about the Parent Portal. 

    Parent Portal link: takes you directly to the Parent Portal login page. 

    If the link does not work, you can access the parent portal with this web address    https://powerschool.emsd63.org


    Parent/Student Resources

    District 63's home page and the Mark Twain School website have a Parent/Student resource library.  Click here to go to the Parent/Student page. 


    How can I help my child be successful?


    1. Check the Assignment Notebook when your child brings it to you. 
    2. Sign the Assignment Notebook each night. .
    3. Empty the “Keep At Home” side of the Home Folder each night.
    4. Support a schedule that includes some free time and then HOMEWORK TIME after school.
    5. Provide a quiet spot with no TV or sibling distractions for HOMEWORK.
    6. Help your child learn how to plan for getting school work finished even with other activities.


    • Students have homework EVERY NIGHT with Eureka Math.


    • If your child is ABSENT from school, they should complete the HOMEWORK PAGE for the NEXT LESSON in the math book.


    • Please DO NOT WORK AHEAD in the math workbook...we use the book everyday in class for instruction.
      • If you would like your child to have extra math practice, they can use several resources on the Internet.



    Online Resources

    There are several resources online for Eureka Math, some are for parents and some are for students.



    •  Zearn - Students can login to Zearn through CLASSLINK.  Zearn works through the math modules in order with games and videos.  Students must complete the lessons in order.  


    •  Khan - Online resource for extending learning.  Students who consistently get grades of 3 or 4 on their assessments will be given access to Khan.  Khan is set to their MAP RIT score.  Students can access Khan through CLASSLINK.


    • Prodigy - Online math games.  Students love it!  This is a good reward for when your child finishes math homework.  Students can access Prodigy through CLASSLINK.  They have an access code from their teacher to login.


    • ABCya - Students have access to ABCya through CLASSLINK.  This is a good website for reinforcing basic math skills.  If you child needs to practice facts or basic concepts they should login and play practice game daily.


    • BrainPop - Students have access to BrainPop & BrainPopJr through CLASSLINK.  BrainPop provides online animated videos for school concepts.