• Math Support

    Check out the following websites:


     open up


     Open Up Math Resources: Click on this link for the student version.              

    Follow along at home by accessing resources designed for parents.

    6th Grade (Math 600) - https://im.openupresources.org/6/families/index.html

      • These online family resources:

        • describe the big ideas your child will encounter over the course of each unit

        • provide an overview of the mathematics your child is learning

        • detail what to expect as the learning deepens

        • offer questions you can use at home to promote conversation around the math



    2. Google Classroom

    Google Classroom  Click on this link for access to student materials.  



    3. Khan Academy              

    Here's the link to access it from a computer (not a school issued chromebook). Do not create an account or log into Khan Academy.