Registration 2022 / 2023 School Year

  • Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open. 

    Are you a returning family?
    Registration for returning students entering grades 1-8, entering kindergarten if they attended First Steps Preschool, and returning to First Steps is completed through the Parent Portal..

    Are you new to the District with a child ready to enter grades K-8?
    If you do not currently have a child in a D63 school, start the online registration process below. 

    Note: Children entering kindergarten in 2022 must be five years old as of September 1, 2022.

    Registration does require the submission of a number of forms. You'll be asked to upload these forms during the registration process. If you are unable to do so, you may bring any forms to your school office. 

    Are you registering your child for First Steps Preschool?

    • Returning student registration: students returning to preschool for the 2022-2023 school year register the same way older students do; look for an email just before registration opens.
    • New student registration: new families interested in enrolling in preschool should visit the First Steps website. 

    An important message about residency.
    Students attending District 63 schools
    must legally reside within the District’s boundaries. It is a criminal offense to enroll a non-resident student, except as allowed by law. Public school districts are supported by local tax dollars, and falsifying residency is an added burden on our taxpayers.

    D63 checks the residency of all new and returning students in May each year using a public records database called CLEAR Batch. Families may receive an email from the District requesting additional information in order to enroll their student(s).

    Learn more about CLEAR Batch.

    Questions? Contact your school - or the District Office

    April 12 - June 9

    Apollo Elementary • 847.827.6231 •
    First Steps Preschool • 847.827.4165 •
    Gemini Middle School • 847.827.1181 •
    Mark Twain Elementary • 847.296.5341 •
    Melzer Elementary • 847.965.7474 •
    Nelson Elementary • 847.965.0050 •
    Washington Elementary • 847.965.4780 •

    June 10 - July 28

    District Office • 847.299.1900 ext. 8700

For New Families: What Happens Next?

  • What happens after I complete the worksheet?

    • Once this form is submitted, the school will email you information about how to set up a Parent Portal account.
    • Once your Parent Portal account is set up, complete the rest of your registration through this portal. If you have technical difficulties or need assistance, email your school.

    Our Parent Portal includes a “Required Documents” section. If you are able, provide scanned or digital copies of your child's birth certificate as well as the proof of residency, as requested. In any case, you will need to provide these before your registration is approved. If you are unable to provide scanned or digital documents, you may bring your documents to the school office. 

    What do I need to have on hand to register online?

    You will need to have a birth certificate, proof of District residency, and completed health information forms if possible. If it is not possible to submit completed forms at registration, please note that students can not start the school year without submitting completed forms.