• Picture of Mx. Ulloa

    Hello! My name is Mx. Ulloa, pronounced “mix” “you-LOW-ah.” I am an ESL Resource Teacher here at Gemini Middle School. My pronouns in English are “they/them/theirs” and my pronoun in Spanish is “elle.” What do I do here at the school? I make sure emergent bilinguals and multilinguals have everything they need to progress and succeed in and beyond school. 

    Here are two truths and a lie:

    1. I am left handed.
    2. I was born in Spain.
    3. I know and can speak Japanese.

    Can you find the lie? Email me at sulloa@emsd63.org for the answer! Also, feel free to contact me regarding how you would like best to communicate, goals for the upcoming year, or anything else you would like me to know about you, or that you’d like to know about me!