Never Bflat always Bsharp

    The Music Curriculum was designed with great thought and with the notion that every student will be motivated to learn.  The lessons are fun, innovative and will explore many aspects of music. General Music Class is an 18 week course where students will learn how to play the piano keyboard, the ukulele and the guitar while learning the rudiments of music.  The students will gain confidence in performing and an appreciation of music.  The students will also explore creative sound making using Soundtrap, a music platform that encourages students to create their own music. 

    The main purpose of this music curriculum is to:
    • Provide innovative, creative and fun lessons.

    • To give every student the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and express themselves musically by performing on a variety of instruments.

    • Enrich every student and to provide a positive and safe learning space.

    • Strengthen music education as a core academic subject.

    • To ensure that every student who takes my class will gain more knowledge and confidence in performing! 


                                                                                    piano hands  

    Below are music projects created by my students.

    Music 1- Projects

    Music 2- Projects

    Music 3-  Projects