Purpose: Assignments are important practice opportunities to develop skills and knowledge related to learning goals.
    Timeliness: Coursework should be turned in on the due date. Missing work must be completed.
    Assessments (tests, projects, etc.) may be redone if the student performs below his or her abilities. Students who score a 2 or less on any assessment may be required to redo the assessment by the teacher.
    Students are expected to complete class work on a daily basis. Class work not completed during the scheduled in-class work time will be homework. Students will be required to read for 20 minutes every night. Most of our assignments will be completed digitally on Google Classroom. If your student has difficulty completing an assignment at home because of internet or technology issues, a note from a parent/guardian needs to be given to their Language Arts teacher explaining the situation. Students who do not have internet access at home will be provided other options to complete the assignment during the school day or a paper copy will be supplied.