Standards Based Grading

  • The purpose of standards-based grading is to compare student performance to pre-established proficiency levels on essential learning targets and not with other students. Student proficiency on essential learning targets will be assessed and reported using the 4-point scale shown below.
    You will be graded on a 4-point proficiency level for each standard. The grading scale is:
    4 - Advanced understanding of more complex learning targets
    • The student demonstrates the ability to make in-depth inferences above the level being taught in class by earning a level 3 understanding on all essential learning targets and correctly completing advanced application level problems/projects.
    3 – Proficient understanding of current grade level learning targets
    •  The student demonstrates the required skills with minor or no mistakes/omissions and no prompting.
    2 – Basic or inconsistent understanding of current grade level learning targets
    •  The student demonstrates progress but needs additional time, practice, and prompting to become proficient.
    1 – Minimal understanding – demonstrates limited success with identified learning targets
    •  The student needs help to make progress.
    The grading scale above can also be refined to include a score of .5 to indicate partial understanding of the next level of proficiency. All students will participate in the grading process. They will learn how to correct and assess their own work to make the most of their learning opportunity.
    Work habits are an extremely important aspect of a student's performance in Language Arts class. Each term, students will receive a grade for their responsibility, participation, and effort.