COVID-19 Case Dashboard

  • This dashboard provides an “at a glance” summary of information about confirmed COVID-19 cases associated with District 63. A reminder that due to health privacy laws, personally identifiable information for COVID-positive individuals will not be shared.

    • Positive Case: a student or staff member has been tested and received a report confirming that they have the virus. These individuals are excluded for a minimum of ten days and upon meeting the criteria set by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) Exclusion Guidance Decision Tree can return to school. 
    • Exposure/Close Contact: PLEASE NOTE: As of March 1, 2022 the District is no longer doing contact tracing in school buildings; this part of the dashboard has now been deactivatedHowever, when there is a positive case in a home, there are exclusion rules that impact when a student or employee may need to stay home. Learn more on our Exclusion Guidance webpage

    How does the District notify families and staff about COVID cases?

    • The District directly contacts individuals (or, parents/guardians of students) who have tested postive for COVID. Staff and families who do not receive a phone call from the District can assume that their in-school COVID test was negative. 
    • The District does not send out a separate communication to the full school/district community each time a case is confirmed. Instead, this dashboard serves as a general information source for the entire D63 community. 

District 63 COVID-19 Case Tracking 2021-2022 School Year