COVID-19 Case Dashboard

  • D63 has developed a health and safety plan designed to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. However, as we are all now aware, the virus can spread in any group setting despite safety measures put in place (click the link above for an overview.) 

    For example, it may not be possible to socially distance at six feet at all times in our schools. Likewise, while our policy is clear regarding sick individuals staying at home, sometimes children and adults do come to school sick - and asymptomatic COVID-positive people may have no idea that they are infected.  

    This dashboard provides an “at a glance” summary of information about confirmed COVID-19 cases associated with District 63. A reminder that due to health privacy laws, personally identifiable information for  COVID-positive individuals will not be shared.

    • Positive Case: a student or staff member has been tested and received a report confirming that they have the virus. These individuals will isolate for a minimum of 10 days and upon meeting the criteria set by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) Exclusion Guidance Decision Tree can return to school. 
    • Exposure/Close Contact: individuals who have not tested positive but have been identified as being in close contact with someone who has. These individuals are identified through contact tracing, by self-reported interaction, or through our self-certification and screening process. They are instructed to get tested and quarantine for 14 days after the last day of contact with the COVID-positive person and to monitor for symptoms.

    How does the District notify families and staff about COVID cases?

    • The District directly contacts individuals (or, parents/guardians of students) who may have been exposed to a positive COVID case. Staff and families who do not receive a phone call from the District can assume there was no close contact with the COVID-positive individual.
    • The District does not send out a separate communication to the full school/district community each time a case is confirmed. Instead, this dashboard serves as a general information source for the entire D63 community. 

District 63 COVID-19 Case Tracking