• Parent Portal (online)

    You can access your child's information online through the District 63 Parent Portal. 

    Parent Portal information page: explains all about the Parent Portal. 

    Parent Portal link: takes you directly to the Parent Portal login page. 

    If the link does not work, you can access the parent portal with this web address    https://powerschool.emsd63.org


    Parent/Student Resources

    District 63's home page and the Apollo School website have a Parent/Student resource library.  Click here to go to the Parent/Student page. 


    How can I help my child be successful during remote learning?

    •  Students are expected to actively participate during live sessions with teachers and peers.
      • Please help your child get logged in each day a few minutes before our Morning Meeting begins each morning.  
      • Please be available to help with ensuring your child is online and in the Google Meets sessions.


    • Set up a preferred space within your home that promotes active learning. When available, this learning space should be free from distractions to assist students in focusing on instruction.
      • Your child should be sitting at a desk or table, with space to use books or other materials during learning. Laying in the floor or on the bed will make learning difficult.  We will be treating our remote learning the same way we would learn inside the classroom. 
      • Your child's space should be distraction free and noise free if possible.  Headphones with a microphone can be helpful to minimize the noise coming through to other students. 

    Homework & Absences

    • Students will occasionally have homework with Eureka Math, Reading, Writing, or Science and Social Studies during remote learning.  
      • Students will complete these and then share them with me on Seesaw.

     If your child is ABSENT from school:

      • You should contact the Apollo School office right away.  Attendance and participation will be logged each day during remote learning the same way it is taken on a regular in-person school day.