63 Online: An Overview

    • Students will participate in 63 Online every regular school day. 
    • The curriculum will be based on the Illinois Learning Standards for each grade and subject area.
    • Parents and/or students will receive an email by 7 p.m. each Sunday evening (unless there is no remote learning on Monday morning) reminding them to access activities for that week on their teachers' webpages. Some teachers may send additional information, if needed, by email.
    • Teachers will be available to students and families on each e-learning day to provide support and answer questions as needed
    • Work will be graded; report cards will be disseminated on the District's regular schedule.
    • English learner, biliteracy, and dual-language programming will continue.
    • Students with Individualized Education Plans will receive their services as outlined in their Individualized Remote Learning Plans. These plans will be developed with parents and the child's IEP team.
    • Students with 504 plans will continue to receive the accommodations and modifications listed in their plan.

    Instruction: Details

    • Five hours of learning time for grades K-8.
    • Synchronous instruction - live “real-time” instruction, with students and teachers interacting through video conferencing and other real-time interaction.
    • Asynchronous instruction - occurring at different times, including recorded instruction, self-guided, and individual learning time.
    • Independent learning - activities students can complete independently, with minimal support from adults at home.
    • Blended teaching each morning for grades K-5 with in-person classmates. One teacher will simultaneously work with hybrid and remote learners. Learn more about blended teaching.

    Chromebooks & Internet Access

    • Chromebooks were deployed at the start of the school year.
    • The District does have a limited number of hotspots available for families who have no internet service at home. Look for information from your school on this.


    • For help with the Parent Portal please visit our family helpdesk and select the "Powerschool" category
    • For assistance with Chromebooks or student apps please visit our family helpdesk.