Busing During 63 Hybrid

  • During D63 Hybrid (onsite learning in the morning and remote learning in the afternoon) bus transportation is available. 

    • K-8 parents: if you signed up for bus transportation when you registered your student(s), your information was processed, and your bus stop and pick up / drop off times are posted in the Parent Portal. 
    • Unless you qualify for free transportation per the requirements from the State of Illinois, you will be charged $240 - a 50 percent reduction of the standard bus fee. This only applies for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    If you did not register for busing when you completed on-line registration, and you wish to do so, please fill out our Bus Registration Form.  Once completed you should contact your student's home school to let them know you are interested in bus service. 

    Note: Due to current circumstances the turnaround time to get your student scheduled on a bus route may be slightly longer. The building secretary will contact you when your student has been routed. In the meantime, you will need to drive your student to and from school. 

Busing Protocol

  • School Bus

    • In compliance with state guidelines, no more than 50 students will be on any bus at any time.
    • Students will fill the vehicle from back to front. They will exit the vehicle from front to back.
    • All buses will keep their windows down to ensure maximum ventilation (weather permitting).
    • Students will be required to wear face masks. Drivers will wear masks if at all possible when driving (unless the mask inhibits driving) and at all times when loading and unloading buses.
    • Students will practice social distancing. While getting on the bus, students should line up six feet apart as they board and keep a distance of six feet between them as they exit the bus.
    • Parents of preschool and special education students who assist in securing and taking off seat belts and clips will continue to assist in these tasks but will be required to wear face coverings and gloves while on the bus. 
    • While parents are expected to supply these items, every bus will have a box of gloves on board for any parent who does not have gloves.
    • Should a student inform the driver that they have become ill while in transit, they will be isolated in a dedicated seat directly behind the driver.
    • D63’s transportation provider, First Student, has implemented cleaning and disinfecting procedures for all District buses. Its Vehicle Disinfection Protocol provides protection of up to 30 days without the need for chemicals or alcohol. Likewise, Citicare, which provides transportation for students with special needs, had implemented rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Car Drop Off and Pick Up

    • Drivers must stay in their cars at all times, following the designated carline route at each school. 
    • Students must exit the vehicle in a face covering.
    • Students must enter the building at their assigned entrance and walk directly to their classroom (no congregating on the playground or in any other common area).