Cleaning & Other Preventatives

  • Hand washing

    Hand Washing and Sanitizing

    • All staff and students wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival in the building. Hand sanitizer are provided in classrooms that do not have a sink.
    • Staff and students are expected to wash/sanitize their hands regularly.
    • Every classroom and workstation have hand sanitizer to use.
    • Sanitizing stations are be placed at each entrance and any common areas that don’t have sinks


     Cleaning Protocols

    • Each building has a commercial-strength disinfectant sprayer onsite.
    • D63’s maintenance staff sanitize surfaces daily.
    • Bathrooms are be sanitized multiple times per day.
    • High-touch areas, including desks/tables, doorknobs, sinks, and workstations will be sanitized by custodial staff every night.
    • Sanitizing wipes will be distributed to all teaching staff and available in each classroom for use during the day.
    • Custodians will complete a cleaning and sanitizing checklist every day.


     Building & Other Modifications

    • The District is installing air purifiers throughout each school and in each classroom that are effective in reducing most viruses - including COVID-19.