Managing Emotions

    Directions: Complete each task.  Record each completed task in a notebook or a sheet of paper. 


    Write a journal entry about

    how you are feeling today.


    List 3 things you can do

    when you are feeling



    Draw a picture of a time

    you positively dealt with

    tough emotions.


    Describe a time you felt

    let down or disappointed.

    How did you handle it?


    You are really upset about

    something but you have to

    take a test in math class.

    What can you do?


    Check-in with yourself:

    Draw an emoji for how you

    feel today and explain why.


    Max is nervous about a test

    coming up tomorrow. Make a

    list of things he can do to

    calm down and feel better.


    Discuss with someone else:

    Is managing your emotions

    the same as ignoring them?

    Summarize what you



    Tanya is sad and misses her

    family. Give her some advice

    to help her manage her

    emotions during the day.