• Hello 5th Graders!

    Please follow the e-learning art lessons in order.  The lessons may go together or follow an order.  Please email me a picture of your artwork, you can use the Camera App on your Chromebook, mlarson@emsd63.org. You should also email me responses to any questions I might send you.  If you finish the lesson, you can always choose to free draw and send me a picture of your art!

    For your 1st e-learning art lesson, I want you to learn about a famous artist named Keith Haring.  He made art that had positive messages to society and he tried to focus on sharing ideas to make communities stronger.  I was inspired to use this as your lesson because of the situation around the world right now.  This lesson will count for 2 weeks of work!  

    Keith Haring is so famous that his art can be found on clothes, pillow, bags, baby toys, and many other things at Target, Forever 21, and many other stores!  

    You should click on either link (they are the same) to find the project directions. 

    This lesson has an article with 13 questions (many of them are just 1 word answers-don't worry).  There is a step-by-step direction sheet also.  Don't forget to email me with a picture and send an email with the responses to your questions.


    5th grade e-learning art lesson 1


    Or click on this PDF version:

    5th grade e-learning art lesson 1