• Hi Parents and Guardians,

    On my E-Learning page, you will find the assignments for each grade level, as well as links to grade-level Padlets. If you have any questions, you can email me at klohens@emsd63.org. 

    Art class is once a week for one hour. You may choose to do art more than that, but each student is expected to turn in at least one assignment for each week that we are learning at home upon returning to school. The students are given a choice board each week. 

    If your child chooses to work on art for more than the 1 hour per week, you can check out my "extra online resources" tab for fun online activities! Thanks so much and I hope I see the kiddos soon!


    Hola padres y tutores,

    En mi página de E-Learning, encontrará las tareas para cada nivel de grado, así como enlaces a Padlets de nivel de grado. Si tiene alguna pregunta, puede enviarme un correo electrónico a klohens@emsd63.org.

    La clase de arte es una vez por semana durante una hora. Puede elegir hacer arte más que eso, pero se espera que cada estudiante entregue al menos una tarea por cada semana que estamos aprendiendo en casa. Los estudiantes reciben una tabla de elección cada semana.

    Si su hijo opta por trabajar en arte durante más de 1 hora por semana, ¡puede consultar mi pestaña "recursos adicionales en línea" para ver actividades divertidas en línea! ¡Muchas gracias y espero ver a los kiddos pronto! 


  • Después de crear tu obra maestra, toma una foto de tu obra de arte. Haga clic en los enlaces de arriba para llegar al nivel de grado de su hijo. Una vez que esté en el Padlet para el nivel de grado de su hijo, haga clic o toque el botón grande de color rosa (+) en la parte inferior del padlet. Escriba su nombre y el nombre del maestro de aula en la "sección del título" (es decir, Andy -Ms. Nedza) y publíquelo en el padlet. Otros estudiantes y padres podrán "animar" sus publicaciones.


    Ms. Palucki created the wonderful video below, which shows students how to submit their work to padlet.

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  • How to submit assignments:

    Please submit ALL assignments to me through Padlet. You can download the Padlet app by clicking here or you can click the link to access your child's grade-level Padlet BELOW: 


    Kindergarten & First Grade

    Second & Third Grade

    Fourth & Fifth Grade


    After creating your masterpiece, take a photo of your artwork. Click the links above to get to your child's grade level padlet. Once you're on the Padlet for your child's grade-level, click or tap the big pink (+) button at the bottom of the padlet. Type your first name & homeroom teacher's name in the "title section" (i.e. Andy -Ms. Nedza) , and post it to the padlet. Other students and parents will be able to "heart" your posts. Although I LOVE seeing the student's smiling faces, as a safety precaution, please do not share a picture of your child's face along with their name. If you choose to post a picture of a student, please do not include their name on the post. If you decide to post only a picture of their artwork, you may include their name. 

  • Parents, I know that these are unique and trying times, so please do not feel pressured to make sure everything is perfect. Art should be fun! I know that you and your student are both trying to navigate this new age of learning just as I am. Thank you for all you do!

  • Parents- If you need technical assistance, District 63 is here to help. Please use the emails below, and a tech representative will assist you:

    • For help with the Parent Portal (attendance) please email Portal411@emsd63.org
    • For assistance with Chromebook or student apps please email eLearning411@esd63.org