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    Week of October 31 - Mixing Techniques; students will create play dough which will highlight 3 different mixing techniques as well as measuring technigues.

    Week of November 4 - Reading recipes; students will make pancakes which will be part of a quick bread unit and will highlight measuring liquid and dry ingredients as well as cooking quick breads.

    Week of November 11 - Review cooking terms.  Continue with Quick bread focusing on biscuits.  Students will make pull about bread.  Students will create an appetizer. Caramel apple dip and with Granny smith apples. 

    Week of November 18 - Fruits will be our focus.  Students will practice cutting skills, slicing. Students will be demonstrating plating their appetizers.  Students will also make Pizzadillas as appetizer for their kitchen groups to do along with their apples and dip.  Finally they will make fruit parfaits.

    Week of December 2 - 

    Week of December 7 - 

    Week of December 14 - 

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