Miss Martin....
    • Has been teaching at Gemini for 11 years.
    • Directs the fall play.
    • Directs the spring play.
    • Is a published playwright.
    • Directs and acts in her spare time. 
    • Holds a BA and MFA in Theatre
    Feel free to contact me:
    kmartin@emsd63.org (this is the best way to reach me)
    Roll Tide!
Teach Drama
  • What Do I Teach?

    I don’t teach English—yet literature is at the heart of my discipline.

    I don’t teach History—although I encourage students to investigate the social and historical implications of events and how they affect those with whom we live.

    I don’t teach Science—but introduce the analysis of human behavior, society, and the natural world.

    I don’t teach Math—yet evaluating structure, space, and change is a skill constantly being developed.

    I don’t teach the Visual Arts—although calling on the elements of form, line, shape, color, texture, space, and value is commonplace.

    I don’t teach a Foreign Language—but my students learn to decode and encode dialogue in scripts and plays.

    I don’t teach Music—yet rely on the elements of pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, texture, and articulation to share this craft.

    I don’t teach Technology—but foster the use of tools to control and adapt to the work we do.

    I don’t teach Physical Education— although working as part of a team while making connections between cognitive functions and physical movement is a major benefit of this process.

    What do I teach?

    I teach Drama. 

    -Tim Reagan

    Sidwell Friends School

    Washington D.C.