Social Learning

  • Be peaceful. Be respectful. Be responsible.     

    Those are the Melzer Musts that all students are expected to follow while at school. In our classrooms, students are recognized when making positive choices consistently and are reminded of appropriate choices when they may need some extra help. 

    Restorative Justice is also used to help students solve problems using mediation and is based on respect, responsibility, relationship-building, and relationship-repairing. 

    In the event of a reoccurring behavior, teachers will communicate any concerns with the student's family. 


    Zones of Regulation

       The Zones of Regulation are lessons and activites designed to help students become more aware of feelings and learn to self regulate behavior.  The zones used in conjunction with the Zen Zone  help students to monitor both the body and emotions and use strategies to problem solve.  The zones are:

    •  Green- ideal state of alertness-ready to learn- calm, happy, focused
    •  Blue - low state of alertness- aad, tired, sick or bored
    •  Yellow - heightened state of alertness- stress, frustration anxiety, excitement, silliness or fear
    •  Red - extremely heightened state of alertness-anger, rage,panic, extreme grief, terror or excitement

    Growth Mindset

       The Growth Mindset is a philosophy that helps students to believe that with effort, it is possible to achieve more.  Lessons wil involve understanding the brain, the different  mindsets,  positive self affirmations, and goal setting.


    Second Step

        Second Step helps teach kids skills that can help them in school, at work, and in life, such as listening, focusing attention, making friends, and problem-solving. 

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