• In Kindergarten, we know that all students are readers and writers. You may notice that your child already recognizes some familiar signs, store names and possibly other words. We will build upon these skills in Kindergarten and provide strategies to help them recognize new words, use sounds to write and read words, tell about informational and literature books, and find enjoyment in reading and writing! I will work with your child to meet their individual goals as they become stronger in their reading and writing abilities. 

    Every child will engage with various types of books every day. They will choose books and will have opportunities to tell their classmates what they learned from the book. Reading involves the child as they look at the cover, pictures, and words. Children build meaning from books when they are able to make connections to the topic, ask questions and find answers.


    Reading at home is very important to your child's success as a reader.

    Suggestions for reading at home include:

    • Miss Holm's goodnight stories (will be emailed to families)
    • Raz-Kids online reading
    • Library
    • Parent can read and point to words as your child follows along or repeats sentences