Bus Tracking App (FirstView)

  • FirstView FirstView®, a bus tracking and parent communication app for your smartphone or home computer, enables you to be a part of your student’s journey to and from school. Check the links on the left for more information - but here’s an overview:


    • Live tracking. The FirstView® map screen shows you the live location and direction of your student’s bus, stop schedule for the current day, and timestamps for school arrivals and departures. You’ll know when the bus gets to school in the morning and leaves in the afternoon.

    • Predictive stop arrival times. Analyzing route and real-time GPS data, it determines an estimated time of arrival to your stop.

    • Custom alerts and messages. Set up push or email notifications alerting you when your student's bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away from your stop.

    • Multi-stop view. Track buses for all of your students. Using individual colors for each student, every selected stop appears on the map simultaneously for easy viewing.

    • Additional user notifications. Connect up to three additional emails to receive alerts - a great feature for grandparents or caregivers.

    • Versions in French & Spanish.

    • Secure, easy access. FirstView® is password-protected. Only you can view your student’s stop.

    • Dedicated customer support. Having trouble? Contact FirstView® Monday-Friday (support provided in English only):

      • Call 888.889.8920 toll free from 6 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
      • Email support@firstviewapp.com
      • Use the in-app “!” button to provide feedback.

    Learn more and download the app at www.firstviewapp.com.