Mark Twain



Degrees and Certifications:

Timon Jandora


Ms. Jandora has served in District 63 since 2013. After earning a B.A. in communications at the University of Iowa, she spent 12 years in new construction real estate before choosing to make a career shift that would put her desire to help people to better use. Ms. Jandora returned to school, receiving her A.D. in nursing at Oakton Community College, and jumped right into a position at Stevenson School. She transferred to Mark Twain School in the fall of 2019.  When not keeping students healthy on the job, Ms. Jandora enjoys her time with family and her young son. Since 1998, she has also served on the board of the Warren Cherry Scholarship Foundation, which in 2019 provided $100,000 for 19 Evanston students. 

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