Mrs. Debra Martin



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Debra Martin

I have been teaching at Washington School since 2005 beginning in 6th grade, which ultimately became 5/6 Multi-Age several years ago. Prior to teaching, I was in the dental field for many years, first as a dental assistant, then a dental office manager, and finally, I had my own dental consulting business. Teaching was always my passion, so I went back to school to finish my degree in Elementary Education. While working at Washington School, and enjoying the various cultures, I realized the importance of continuing my education to be able to offer optimum support to my ELL learners. As a result, I also hold as ESL Endorsement. I am also endorsed in Middle School, Language Arts, and Music. I absolutely love teaching, and enjoy learning about each of my students on an individual basis. From the first day of school my motto, which my students repeat regulary is, "You are all smart!"

Pictured with me is my husband, Jack, daughter, Shannon, and son, Brian. They have always given me their total support when I returned to college, and during my years of teaching with the long hours I have kept. The best part was, they all attended my college graduation.

I am always thrilled with the growth of my students, and the level on which we can converse, and the written and verbal expression of their reading thinking. Please join me on a regular basis to experience your childrens' growth as well. Establishing a bond with me, shows your son or daughter that we are partners in their education. 

I will always keep you posted on weekly news, projects, and a glimpse of your children as they showcase their work on SEESAW! Enjoy!

Thank You!

Mrs. Martin