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    Warm greetings and thank you for visiting my page! I was born in Malaga, Spain and was raised on the northside of Chicago. I've been immersed in Music since I was a young child-learning the piano at five years old, and the violin at 13. I've performed all over the United States with two classical music groups in Illinois, The Six Piano Ensemble and the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra before I became a full-time Music Teacher in 2012. I taught Music for five years in Pilsen, a neighborhood located on the lower west side of Chicago. This is my third year at Melzer.

    During my free time and in addition to making music, I LOVE crocheting, knitting, cooking, painting, calligraphy, gardening, camping, hiking, exploring the national parks, and traveling abroad to learn about different cultures. 

    I have been married to Chris, a guitar teacher/brilliant singer-songwriter for almost six years. We have one adorable and crazy cat named Sunkiss and love spending time with her.