• Audience Etiquette

    Going to the theatre might seem a lot like going to the movies, but there’s one big difference: the actors are performing for you live onstage, and they can see and hear what goes on in the audience just as you can see and hear them. So the way people behave at a play is different from when they’re at the movies or at home watching TV or even at a concert or sports stadium. The family and friends of the cast and crew are really looking forward to seeing and hearing the play performed. Remember, your behavior affects the experience for the entire audience!

    Some things to remember:

    Turn Off Your Cell Phone: Somehow the most obvious rule of good theatre etiquette is still the most often disregarded. Turn it off, people. Turn. It. Off. And, no, putting your cell phone on vibrate isn't good enough - the people next to you can hear that weird buzzing sound, too.

    Don't Send Text Messages/Snapchats/Etc. During the Show: You may think you're being all incognito, but in a darkened theater, the light from your cell phone screen is incredibly distracting to those around you. And why do you still have your phone on anyway? We just told you to turn it off!

    Stay in Your Seat: Please make sure you have gone to the restroom before sitting down. If you get out of your seat during the performance, it is distracting to the audience around you.

    Don’t Talk or Eat During the Performance: Everyone likes popcorn during the movies, but in the theatre it gets too loud and noisy and then we can’t hear the actors on stage. In the theatre, we save the snacks for intermission.

    Stop Whooping: Your enthusiasm for the show is wonderful, but should be calmed down out of consideration for both the audience and the performers. Nobody needs to hear people shrieking, whooping, screaming, and hollering. It is a theatre performance, not a rock concert, not an arena or a sports stadium. Save your whooping for the final curtain call, where you can whoop as much as you would like. Woop, woop!