Eureka Math connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence—while helping students achieve true understanding lesson by lesson and year after year.

    This year third grade students will study:


    Module 1: Properties of Multiplication and Division and Solving Problems with Units of 2-5 and 10. (About 25 days)

    Module 1

    Student Workbook


    Module 2: Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure. (About 25 days)

    Module 2

    Student Workbook


    Module 3: Multiplication and Division with Units of 0, 1, 6-9, and multiples of 10.  (About 25 days)

    Module 3

    Student Workbook


    Module 4: Multiplication and Area (About 20 days)

    Module 4

    Student Workbook


    Module 5: Fractions as Numbers on the Number Line (About 35 days)

    Module 5

    Student Workbook


    Module 6: Collecting and Displaying Data (About 10 days)

    Module 6

    Student Workbook


    Module 7: Geometry and Measurement Word Problems (About 40 days)

    Module 7

    Student Workbook


    Daily math lessons will last about 60 minutes and consist of many parts. Students will complete sprints (timed fact practice), fluency building exercises, application problems, concept development, workbook problem sets, and in many cases nightly homework. The expectation is that math homework should take students no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

    Please use the following link to sign up for an account through the Eureka website for homework tips, videos, and in-depth explanations of concepts.



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