A New Home for First Steps Preschool

Building for Success

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    First Steps Preschool Early Learning Center
    10000 Dee Road, Des Plaines

    D63's First Steps Preschool offers programs that meet a wide range of needs. At-risk, community and special education programs offer a research-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum, with strong emphasis on language, motor, social, independence, and pre-kindergarten skills.

    Currently, First Steps operates out of three D63 elementary schools: Apollo, Melzer, and Washington, But since 2008, the population has almost doubled and is now approaching 300, with continued growth projected. With a rapidly expanding number of students -- and full-day kindergarten on the horizon -- First Steps Preschool needs its own space with room to grow.

    To meet these needs, D63 will build a free-standing First Steps facility. 

    • The building will be located south of Apollo School in Des Plaines. Once built, the address will be 10000 Dee Road.
    • It will feature 40,000 square feet of space, including STEM, nutrition, and active play learning hubs.
    • The facility will have two playgrounds.
    • Preliminary construction costs are estimated to be $14.5 million, however, these costs are subject to change.

    The new preschool is tentatively scheduled to open in the fall of 2020.

    More Information
    Report to the Board of Education: March 1, 2018
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