Gemini Middle School Addition

  • Gemini's new addition will enable the District to shift all 6th grade students into the building -- creating a true middle school. Above are the exterior and interior plans for the build out; new areas are highlighted in orange, and blue areas represent exiting areas that will be remodeled.

    New features will include:

    • 66,553 square feet of new space.
    • 38,421 square feet of remodeled space.
    • New accessible ground-floor administration area.
    • New auxiliary multi-purpose room with a stage.
    • New instrumental music suite.
    • New fitness center.
    • Expansion of cafeteria and information center.
    • Additional building support and storage space.
    • More than 50 new parking spots (for a total of 191)

    Plans call for construction start in the summer of 2018 with completion scheduled for winter of 2019. Our 6th grade students would shift to the new middle school in fall of 2019. Estimated cost is $34.5 million. As noted on the Facilities Master Plan home page, building the addition will not require additional property tax revenues – and the District will not need to undertake a referendum.