• I received my Bachelor's degree at North Park College with degrees in Elementary Education K-9, Biology and Physical Education.   My Master's Degree was acquired at National College of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.  I have taught PE from grades Pre-K-8 in various school districts for 15 years, and in district 63 for 4 years.

    I am passionate about PE because I believe in and live a very fit and healthy lifestyle.  It gives me great joy to be able to pass on the knowledge and practices of living a lifelong healthy life to my students.  Not only are fitness and lifelong games/activities important to learn, but also important are the concepts of teamwork, self-confidence/esteem, empathy, acceptance and responsibility.

    I live in Glenview with my husband, Andy, and our three children Joey, Nora, and Jake and our dog, Rocky. Our activities include baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, fishing, hiking, biking and jumping on our trampoline.  My personal hobbies include reading, cooking, dancing, running, working out and playing with my kids and Rocky.

    My contact information is as follows:  vpetroline@emsd63.org.  Please email at any time and I will respond as soon as possible!

    Sincerely My Best,

    Vicki Petroline