School Supplies

    As teachers, we have carefully planned and created lists of supplies for the class that aligns to our lessons and then continued to narrow down the list to what specific supplies students will need in order to be successful with those activities. I understand purchasing school supplies can be costly; therefore, I assure you that the supplies listed are all supplies that will be used throughout the year.


    If the costs of stocking up with school supplies place a real burden on your family, be sure to let me know. There are resources to help gather up everything you need for your child's school success, and I am more than happy to share with students who take their schoolwork seriously.


    Please, click on this link and take a look at the supplies for Grade 3: School Supply List


    If there are any questions in regards to what items may be used for what in the classroom,  please feel free to contact me and ask.  I am more than happy to explain.


    Thank you so much for your support in providing classroom supplies.