• Important Information for
    6th Science/Social Studies!!
    Ms. Liberto's Contact Information
    Room # 1207
    Email: NLiberto@emsd63.org
    Phone: 847-493-8511
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    Be A Chemist Challenge: December 9th ALL SCIENCE STUDENTS!
    Classroom Policies and Procedures
    Classroom Expectations
    1. Be Safe
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Be Responsible
    4. Be Positive

    Consequences for Not Meeting Classroom Expectations

    My rule is that consequences are reasonable and appropriate.  For example, if a student is chronically tardy to class, they will have to meet with me at lunch to make up for the class time that is missed.  


    You need to come to class every day with your charged Chromebook, and your Social Studies and/or Science materials.

    1. Assignment notebook and Student ID
    2. Science/Social Studies notebook, folder, and charged Chromebook.
    3. Writing utensil (pen or pencil)
    4. Assigned practice application assignments and or projects

    Prepared for Class

    If you are prepared for class you will become a critical thinker, problem-solver, and life-long learner.  You will learn how to share your ideas through discussions within our classroom community! This will help you discover more about yourself, as well as how to value others, their ideas and the importance of teamwork.  Being prepared for class shows you how much you value your education and your future! 

    Assignment Notebooks

    You need to have your assignment notebook in class with you every day! Your assignment notebook is what you will use to copy down your daily homework as well as due dates for longer projects.  In addition to that, your assignment notebook also doubles as your hallway pass during passing periods. You cannot be outside the class without a signed pass, therefore it is imperative to have that with you in your classes at all times.  It costs $5.00 to replace a lost assignment notebook, which can be purchased in the office.

    Getting Started

    BE ON TIME.  I take attendance as soon as the second bell rings, if you come in after the bell without a pass you will be marked tardy unless you have a pass.  Chronic tardiness will require lost class time to be made up during your lunch. After the second bell rings, I expect that you are at a volume zero so we can begin right away.  Please hold any questions you may have until I get the class started for the day. Unless there is an emergency please take a seat and listen while we get our class started for the day. IF there are any lab materials on the table, please do not touch until I have given directions and answered any questions from students. 

    When to...ask for a pass, sharpen your pencil, blow nose, etc.

    It is really important to be an active listener, that said it is imperative to remain seated and at a volume 0 while someone is addressing the class.  Whether it is myself or a classmate, participation in class discussions and presentations are a very important part of our learning. Please feel free to take care of personal business when you know that moving about the room will not disrupt learning.


    Before the bell rings, I will make sure to give you time to pack up your belongings and write down your assignments for the day.  Please make sure to organize your things into their proper folders so that you know exactly where to find your materials either for homework or for our class the following day.  Before you leave for the day please make sure to put up your chairs. Do not leave the classroom until the bell rings. 10th period students, please turn your chairs upside down on top of your table.  

    Turning in Assignments/Late Work

    Assignments are to be turned in or checked in at the beginning of the class period.  You are allowed three days to turn in any late assignments. After that time period, I will not accept late work for a grade.

    Classroom Sign-Out 

    If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, you must first fill out a personal pass in your assignment notebook.  Once you have done that, bring the assignment notebook to me and I will sign it. Then you must sign out on our classroom sign out sheet and sign back in when you return.  You have up to 4 personal passes per day. This is a school-wide policy for ALL student's safety.  

    Chromebook Expectations

    You must have your Chromebook charged daily.  Chromebooks are for educational purposes only, no games, youtube, music, etc.  This means they should only be taken out and used once I have given permission, upon completing their work the Chromebook should be closed and/or put away.