Hello Gemini Middle School Parents and Guardians!

  • My name is Jasmine Yu.  I am one of the ESL (English Second Language) teachers here at Gemini Middle School and will be teaching ESL Language Arts & Literature this year. Your student and I will be working together throughout this 2019-2020 year. During our time, he/she will be given additional support with the English language, as well as learn the topics of our curriculum.

     In our class, your student will be given in-class assignments, homework, and projects that may need to be done during and outside of school. They will be graded based on the “Performance Levels for Course Standards” on page 5 of your student’s assignment notebook.


    If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to contact me by email at jyu@emsd63.org or by phone at 847-493-8451. You may also find information about the class on this teacher page. 


    I’m looking forward to working with your student and helping them achieve their learning goals!


    Jasmine Yu





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