Take Home Privileges

  • East Maine School District 63 has implemented a 1 to 1 teaching and learning environment using Chromebooks. All students actively enrolled in third through eighth grades are issued a District-owned Chromebook to use. In order to eliminate issues related to various types of Chromebooks, the District issues standardized devices to all students. 

    Students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth will transport Chromebooks to and from school on a daily basis. Students are responsible for the care and maintenance of their devices and will get service and support through the school staff. It is a requirement that students bring their device to school each day with a fully charged battery. If a student damages their Chromebook, the student will be responsible for the cost of repairing the device, a loaner will be issued to the student while their assigned Chromebook is being repaired.

    Please see the District Chromebook Use Agreement for detailed information. A signed agreement by parent is required prior to the student being issued their Chromebook. The agreement will be provided online for parents.