• About Me:
    I have been a special education teacher since 2015.
    I am a very passionate and dedicated teacher, who wants what is best for my students to be successful.
    In my free time I enjoy spendng time with friends and family, running, and baking!
    Personal Information:
    I have 2 siblings and grew up in Arlington Heights.
    I currently live in the city! 
    I graduated from Illinois State University in 2015 with an LBS1 Special Education Degree.
    I am currently in grad school at Arizona State University's online program for Applied Behavior Analysis
    Personal Achievements: 
    I ran the chicago marathon in 2014.
    I received the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Award in 2017, which recognizes 16 Chicago-area teachers chosen for the honor out of 500 nominations, for outstanding leadership and instructional skills during the Chicago Bears season. With this award I was recognized for my strong, structured academic planning and implementation, unshakable positive attitude and enthusiasm for the children I support, and my ability to cheerfully tackle any kind of hiccup means that every teacher in the school seeks out opportunities to work with me. I am my students' biggest fan and advocate!