• What to do with your child at home?  Here's some ideas! 12279745311843761897pitr_Home_icon.svg.hi.png (600×584)
    -If you have a computer, have your child go on any of the sites on I put on my page!
     -Depending what your child is working on-- model writing sentences, words, or letters! 
    You do, then they do!
    Use this link to see how we learn writing in school-- https://www.hwtears.com/hwt/parents/parent-extras 
    -Use objects to work on counting, adding, and subtracting--blocks, balls, goldfish crackers.  Anything works! 
    -If your child uses touch points to add and subtract, here is a visual to practice. 
     Image result for touch math
    -Read to your child any time you can and ask them questions about the story! 
    -Practice the sight words of the month!
    Here is a link to sight word flashcards http://mrprintables.com/dolch-sight-words.html 
    *If you want more ideas for your child or want me send homework home, please don't hesitate to call or email me! 
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    105's General Schedule: 
    Letter/Words of the Week
    Literacy Centers
    Afternoon Meeting
    Math Centers
    Functional Skills 
    Pack up 
     *All students also have related services and PFA's (art, p.e, library, art)