Class Information

    Grading Policy

    Grading Process
    Students will have many different opportunities to show what they have learned. Grades are determined using points. Point values for each assignment depend on the type of assignment.
    Grading Scale

    4 – Meeting Learning Standards with Distinction

    3 – Meeting Learning Standards

    2 – Partially Meeting Learning Standards

    1 – Not Meeting Learning Standards

    Types of Assessments
    -Class work
    -Projects /Presentations

    Late Work

    Students are expected to turn in completed assignments at the time that I ask for them. If incomplete work is turned in, I may return it to the student to complete, and partial credit may be earned. 



    Absence Work Policy

    When a student is absent, he or she is responsible for obtaining, completing, & turning in missed work according to the absence policy. Once students get materials for missed assignments, it is the students’ responsibility to ask me any questions that they have about missed assignments. I am always here to offer support and help. 


    Homework Policy 

    What’s the Point of Homework?

    •Practice& build on what’s been taught in class
    •Complete unfinished class work
    •Prepare for upcoming lessons
    •Practice responsibility and develop good study habits

    How Will Students Know What the Homework Is?

    Homework is written on the board every day. Students will have time throughout the day to write assignments in their Assignment Notebooks. All assignments are reviewed before students are dismissed, and the class has the opportunity to ask questions and clarify assignments at that time. Independent reading is an ongoing assignment.  It is very important for students to practice writing their assignments after each period to get ready for Gemini!!!


    What If a Student Doesn’t Do Homework?

    The most obvious effect of not doing or turning in homework is lower grades. Students also risk loss of privileges when not completing and turning in homework. When students do not complete homework, it also makes it difficult for me to determine if they understand the material. If homework is not turned in parents will be notified by note.