ELL Programs

  • Students that speak a language other than English may qualify for a transitional bilingual classroom or ELL support. He/she must take the WIDA ACCESS Proficiency Test (W-APT). Based on the score of the W-APT, students will be placed in a classroom that will best meet their educational needs.

    1) Transitional Program of Instruction (ELL) Services:

    Students that speak a language other than English or Spanish will receive ELL – (English language support services) from ELL certified teachers. They will either have an ELL teacher pull them out of their classroom for ELL services or the ELL teacher will go into their classroom to work with the students that qualify for ELL support. ELL teachers and staff will provide students with English language instruction they need to be successful in the general education classroom.

    2) ELL Supported Classrooms:

    Students that qualify for ELL services may be placed into an ELL Supported classroom.  ELL Supported classrooms have ELL certified teachers that work with the entire class to support English language development.  Classrooms are made up of ELL students at varying levels of English language proficiency.