Paying for Meals (PushCoin)

  • lunch  
     2017-2018 Meal Prices
       Reduced Price  Full Price
     Breakfast  $0.30  $1.60
     Lunch  $0.40  $2.75
     A la carte items    $2.40

    District 63 uses PushCoin to fund student meal accounts. 
    Creating an Account 
    1. Visit This requires a modern browser (IE 10/11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari).

    2. Sign up as a parent or guardian.
      • Either click on I don't have an account and fill out the form OR
      • Use an accelerated sign up by clicking on Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, or Hotmail links.

    3. Add your child to your PushCoin account by clicking Add User (user refers to your child). 

    4. Enter your child’s unique PushCoin Registration Code. If you don't know your child’s code, contact your school for assistance – or click “Find a Student,” located on the left-hand menu, and follow the prompts to find your child’s code. You’ll need to enter his/her date of birth and student ID number.

    5. Information about the student should appear on the screen. Verify the information is correct, and click Confirm.

    6. If you have multiple students in the District, repeat steps 3-5 for each remaining student.

    Funding Accounts

    If you plan to pay online, PushCoin offers multiple payment methods.
    • Log in and click on Accounts and then Add Funding Source.
    • Chose a payment method: electronic check (eCheck) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). There are no transaction or credit card fees associated with online payments.
    • To add funds to your student wallet/meal account, click Users and Add Money.
    • Funds can be transferred among your children without any additional fee.

    You may also fund the account by writing a check payable to East Maine School District 63 and delivering it to the cafeteria cashier. Remember to write in the check's memo: PushCoin – [your student’s ID#].

    If you have questions or need assistance, contact PushCoin customer service at or 800.381.9917. You may also contact the Finance Manager in the District's Business Services Department at 847.493.8418.

    Past-Due Meal Fees

    District 63's policy regarding past-due meal fees is uniform across all seven schools: 
    • Once a student meal account balance is negative (that is, the account runs out of money), that student may not purchase any a la carte item.
    • Once the negative balance on the account exceeds $15, the student will receive a cold sandwich meal instead of a hot meal.

    If you have a PushCoin account, it's easy to track your balance! 

    Check your PushCoin account settings to be sure you’re receiving a notification email when your student purchases a meal (if you previously opted out, opt back in). Each email includes your account balance – past-due fees are highlighted in red.