The Fourth graders are creating an Informational book on The American Revolution.
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    “I Can” Common Core!

    4th Grade Writing

    I Can Write Different Types of Writing

     I can use my point of view with reasons to share my opinion. W.4.1

     I can clearly write to inform and to explain my ideas. W.4.2

     I can write stories using a clear sequence of events and descriptive details. W.4.3

    I Can Make My Writing Better

     I can produce clear, developed and organized writing. W.4.4

     I can write for different purposes, audiences and topics. W.4.4

     I can plan, revise and edit my writing with the help of peers and adults. W.4.5

     I can use technology to create pieces of writing and to interact and share ideas with others. W.4.6

     I can use appropriate keyboarding skills to type one page of my writing at a time, in a single sitting. W.4.6

    I Can Use Research to Help My Writing

     I can conduct short research projects to help me learn about topics. W.4.7

     I can research and use what I have experienced to gather information. W.4.8

     I can take notes to help me organize the research in my writing. W.4.8

     I can provide a list of sources that I used for gathering information. W.4.8

     I can gather evidence from all my reading to support my writing. W.4.9

     I can write on a regular basis with stamina for different tasks, purposes, and audiences. W.4.10