• Daily Communication



    I want to spend a minute talking about communication because it is such an important part of each child's education. I think we sometimes think of communication as a direct email or phone call, but I am communicating with you in many more ways. Below is a list of ways I communicate with you daily, so you can stay informed, even when you aren't hearing from me directly!

    1. Check your child's assignment notebook - This is an updated piece of information you have regarding the work they need to complete at home.

    2. Check the website - I am committed to updating the "Classroom Calendar- All Classes" page, which will show what we did in class, links to important documents, as well as homework.

    3. Check Powerschool - This is the first line of communication for late/ missing assignments, academic and learning behavior progress.  Please use the link proved to login Parent Portal (PowerSchool)  

    These are the major ways I communicate with you on a daily basis, and I will add to this list as new types of communication emerge.  As always, please never hesistate to contact me directly if you ever have questions or concerns.

    Thank you so much, and I am excited for a great year!

    Stephanie Fulton 



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  • Why Should I Read for 20 Minutes Every Day?


    Below is a short video that breaks down what a student who reads for just 20 minutes every day can accomplish.  This video highlights how reading impacts students' standardized test scores.  While that is usually not my focus on why on it's so important to read, it is a reality that students who score well on standardizied tests have additional advatanges.


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