How can I contact you?

    Direct Phone Number - 847-745-6415

    Email Address - jodonnell@emsd63.org

    Parents and caregivers can also send notes in their child's BEAR binder. There is a section in each student's binder designated for notes to the teacher.


    How do I report my child being absent?

    For all absences please call the Nelson attendance line: 847-965-1545


    Can my child bring in birthday treats?

    District policy does not permit food of any kind to be brought into classrooms. We love birthdays and enjoying singing to and celebrating with our peers, but treats can no longer be served. 


    What is standards based grading?
     What does a 4, 3, 2, 1 mean? 
    When are library books due?

    Library books are due each week during library. Our class goes to library every Monday.


    When does our class have...?

    P.E. - Tuesday and Thursday

    Art - Wednesday

    Library - Monday

    Music - Tuesday and Thursday

    Social Emotional Learning - Friday


    What are some healthy snack ideas?

    There are no classroom snacks permitted. 


    What are some things I can do with my child to work on his/her reading skills at home?

    • Make a trip to the library part of your weekly routine. Having books at home to read is very important. Encourage your child to check out books from the school library each week, too. Choose fiction and non- fiction books.

    • Read with your child everyday. Listen to your child read and/or share the reading of a book with your child.

    • Ask your child to find certain words in the book you are reading. Talk about those words and their meaning. Talk about other words that mean the same thing or the opposite of the word you are discussing.

    • If you stop to focus on a word, have your child reread the whole sentence to be sure he/she understands the meaning.

    • Talk about what happened in the story; characters, places, and events that took place.

    • If it is a non-fiction book, ask what new information your child learned from the book. Did you learn something new too?

    • Ask your child to respond to the text by writing about the book in a notebook/journal or drawing pictures to illustrate the story.

    • Show your child an article from the daily newspaper. Encourage you child to read the item and then discuss it.

    • Share conversations with your child over meal times and at other times when you are together (in the car, taking a walk).

    • Discuss your day and encourage your child to share the events of his/her day. Use time order words like first, next, in the morning, later, in the afternoon, then, etc.

    • Reread familiar books with your child. Reading a book your child knows gives him/her practice in reading comfortably and with expression.


    What is P.B.I.S.?
    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture and needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. PBIS is based on learning rather than punishment.  Students are expected to be responsible for their own actions in spite of the actions of others.  Students are expected to be safe, be respectful, and be responsible at Nelson School. For more information please explore the Nelson P.B.I.S website.