-Students are expected to read a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour, and get their 100 Book Challenge Log signed every night. Every 15 minutes of reading count as 1 step. Reading on weekends are highly suggested and encouraged. I also encourage that students become exposed to a variety of text. This may include, but is not limited to: chapter books, informational books, graphic novels, online articles, magazines, newspapers, books in a series, etc. Students are even recommended to use online resources such as: Storyline Online, Wonderopolis, NewsELA, Readworks Digital, as well as their Razkids, Read Theory, or Lexia account (which they can access through Classlink using their Google Logins). 
    -Students will have daily Spiral Math homework. Students will receive a few targeted problems that align with Eureka Math to review what they have learned and practiced in class as well as what they will be learning in the future. Please, refer to this letter: Spiral Math Homework Letter for Parents for further explanation.
    Additional Optional Homework
    -Homework Bingo is an optional homework assignment that allows an opportunity for children to participate important skills. Activities are meant to be completed with a parent/guardian or family member. Some activities include: practicing your address, doing a household chore, completing an exercise/stretching/yoga, or visiting the library. Students and parents can choose if and when they would like to participate. Interested in Homework Bingo? Click here!