What's going on in room
    PFA Schedule   
    Monday:  12:20- 1:20 Library
    Tuesday: 8:45- 9:45 Art
    Wednesday:  No Specials 
    Thursday: 8:45- 9:45 Music/PE
    Friday: 12:20- 1:20 Music/PE

    Please make sure your child either wears or brings gym shoes on the days that we have PE. 

    Also, please make sure your child brings their library books back on the day they have library.
    Classroom Expectations:

    Image result for right emojiWe work really hard to follow the classroom rules that are aligned with the Bulldog Be’s!

    Image result for right emojiStudents are constantly rewarded for positive behavior. Students can earn a Bulldog Buck when they are following school-wide expectations (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Peaceful). Students keep Bulldog Bucks and can "pay" me for instant rewards. Some rewards include: reading a story to another class, writing in ink all day, and having lunch with Principal Cassie Schwartz!
    Image result for right emojiThe whole class can earn a reward from our popcorn kernel jar. Scoops are given to the class when all the students are respectful, responsible, and peaceful. Once the jar is filled, the students have the opportunity to select a class prize!
    Image result for right emojiStudents who do not show Bulldog behavior are re-taught expectations. Think Sheets or OCFs may go home if the behavior continues. 
    Homework Policy: 

    Image result for right emojiAny homework that students will have will be written in their assignment notebook.

    Image result for right emojiStudents are expected to read every night for 30 minutes.
    Research shows that students should be reading every night for a significant number of benefits. There is a strong correlation between a child's ability to read and their academic performance. 
    Image result for right emojiWord Work and Math are assigned daily. 
    Please make sure that you are checking your child’s notebook every night for important reminders.
    Also, any important notes go home in your student's take-home folder.