• Homework
    Please remind your child to check their take home binder each night.  Nightly homework will consist of math and reading.  Please refer to the weekly homework sheet that is sent home each Monday.
    Each night your child will be responsible for completing a set of Eureka practice problems.  These practice problems are directly connected to the concepts that were discussed in class that day. These practice problems need to be completed and returned to school the following day.
    Word recognition plays an important role in learning to read. Sight words are essential for students to practice in order to help them develop the ability to recognize words at flash speed. We will practice these words in school, but we also ask that these words are practiced at home each nightOn Mondays, your child will be bringing home 5 new sight words.  Some of these words may be familiar and others may not.  We ask that each week, students cut out the new words and add them to their sight word pouch in their folder.  These words need to be practiced each night.  We also encourage nightly reading of at least 15 minutes. 
    Check out the link below for creative and fun ways to practice sight words at home!