Preschool for All (At-Risk Preschool)

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    Through a grant provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), District 63's At-Risk Preschool serves District children who are “at-risk” for school difficulties. The goal is to provide early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive education, as well as family support services, to help prepare the children for later school success. In 2015, ISBE awarded District 63's At-Risk Preschool a Gold Circle of Quality, noting that it meets or exceeds specific quality benchmarks related to the learning environment, instructional quality, group size and staff/child ratios, staff qualifications, and more.  
    • Children in the At-Risk Program attend preschool Monday-Friday for 2½ hours -- either in the morning or the afternoon. 
    • Maximum class size is 20, with a teacher and one or two teaching assistants in each room. 
    • The educational program is based on a research-evidenced curriculum, and instruction is aligned with the Illinois Early Learning Standards, so that children have opportunities to grow in all areas of development. 
    • One of the classrooms is dual language (Spanish/English), for children who are currently monolingual Spanish speakers or who have Spanish as the primary language in their home.  
    Families and children must qualify for this program and the District prioritizes children who are in greatest need. Each child and his or her family must complete an application (which includes proving District residency)  and screening process to determine their at-risk status (see below). Please note that application submission does not ensure entrance to the program. After the screening, verification of income and at-risk factors are discussed in confidence with families.
    Screening Information 
    Call 847.745,6439 to share your concerns about your child’s development. Once your application is submitted, we'll schedule a screening at the District's Melzer School. Screenings are free to District 63 residents. At the screening our staff members will invite you and your child to join one team member at a time as we observe different skills. Our teams may include a special education teacher, occupational therapist, speech/language therapist, psychologist, or social worker. We'll screen your child’s preschool skills, including speech and language, thinking skills, and motor coordination. We will contact you with the results and, if needed, offer recommendations for further testing.
    Download a screening application for the 2017-2018 school year.

    For additional information, please contact 847.745.6487.