Meet Ms. Liberto

  • See you later alligator!    Hello! Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! My name is Ms. Liberto and I will be your teacher this year! I just know we are going to have an amazing year together! I am so excited to get to know you all as we progress through out our school year!
       This is my fifth year teaching at Apollo and my first year in sixth grade!  I was born and raised in Roscoe Village roughly a mile and a half from Wrigley Field.  My family and I  moved to the EMSD 63 community 15 years ago and we love it here!  I am a very proud cat and turtle mom to Larissa and Myrtle the Turtle! My favorite things to do outside of school are cook, travel and spend time with my friends and family!  This summer I spent a lot of time with my family and friends soaking up every bit of sunshine that I could! I cannot wait to learn about your summer adventures through your writing and story telling!