Inhaler Use

  • Illinois law allows your child personal access to an inhaler in case of an asthma attack.
    • In accordance with the law, District 63's medication policy permits all students with asthma to have access to their inhalers at all times. Students with asthma may carry their inhalers and self administer as long as they have parent permission and a proper prescription.
    • Parents are requested to provide doctor's orders to the school nurse regarding emergency treatment for a severe asthma episode.
    • Please complete the School Medication Authorization Form and initial the line that says you are giving permission for your child to carry an inhaler at school. Then your child must bring in the inhaler properly labeled from the pharmacy to show the nurse.

District Supply of EpiPens

  • For parents / guardians of all students, 105 ILCS 5/22-30(c) requires parents / guardians to be informed that: (1) the District maintains a supply of Undesignated Epinephrine Auto-injectors (UEA), and (2) the District and the prescribing physician are protected from liability when the school nurse and/or trained personnel administer a Undesignated Epinephrine Auto-injectors (UEA) to any student when these individuals in good faith professionally believe that the student is having an anaphylactic reaction.
    For more information see Policy 7:270 Administering Medicines to Students or contact your local health office.