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    Welcome to Mrs. Martin's Magical Land of Motivational Learning!
     In our classroom, we embrace and celebrate DIVERSITY!  I want everyone to be able to share where you are from, interesting facts about your culture, and ways you celebrate special events with your family.
    I believe that all students are able to succeed, and it may be using different techniques from their peers, which is perfectly fine. We take our strengths and build upon them, and then create, showing what we have learned. That means someone may show mastery of content areas using drawings, creative writing, using graphic organizers, acting out in role-play, or even creating a song.  Students then feel successful using techniques they are comfortable with, which is allowing each individual to feel confident and shine!
    Your children will be challenged this year in our exciting and safe environment. They will be asked to think deeply and use extension skills during class discussion. They will work together in large group, small group, and pair/share settings. Please take the time to ask them what they have been learning about, and how they show what they know. Taking an interest in their academics is a wonderful bonding experience for students and  their parents, and parents and teachers. 
    Feel free to contact me at dmartin@emsd63.org or by phone at 847-827-8398.
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    Thank You
    Mrs. Martin