English Language/Bilingual Programs

  • Biliteracy Dual-Language Classrooms 
    Available to PreK-5th grade Spanish-speaking students who qualify, these classrooms offer instruction in all subjects in Spanish and English simultaneously. The goal is to help students make connections and transfers between the languages as early as possible. This program is offered at Apollo and Nelson Schools. If your child attends Mark Twain, Melzer, or Washington School, and you are interested in finding out more about enrolling him/her in this program, contact either your Principal or the ELL Teacher at your school. If your child qualifies, transportation will be provided.
    English Language (EL) Services 
    Qualifying students who speak a language other than English or Spanish may receive English language support services from an ELL (English Language Learning) certified teacher who will either provide supports within the classroom or pull them out of the classroom for additional EL services. Students who speak Spanish in grades 6-8 receive ELL services from an ELL/bilingual teacher throughout the school day. Services vary by year and by school, depending on the school population. Urdu, Gujarati, and Assyrian are examples of the types of language support commonly provided.
    For more information about ELL/Bilingual Services at District 63, contact your child's school, Director of ELL/Bilingual Services Erin Sterling, 847.493.8406, or Clara Vargas, Assistant to the Director, 847.493.8421. 
    Students who do not qualify for ELL/Bilingual services will be placed in the general education program. These students will not receive any type of ELL or bilingual instruction or services.

    Please note: parents have the right to refuse ELL or Bilingual Services. Please notify the school if you would not like your child to receive English language or Bilingual services.