My name is Ms. Des Jardins.  Do not let the spelling fool you it is phonetically pronounced (nasally)    /Day Jhar dan/  ( That is as close as I can get to phonetically spelling it correctly).  Which is why everyone calls me Ms. D.J.. 

    I have been a Special Education teacher in East Maine School District 63 for 22 years.  I am currently a Special Education Resource Teacher at Nelson Elementary School.  

    As a Resource Teacher I provide support and assistance for the children on my case load so that they can have a positive and successful learning experience.  I closely work with the General Education teachers to help my students understand the lessons and to make modifications and accommodations to the curriculum as needed.  


    You may contact me through my e-mail or phone.


    My e-mail is JDesjardins@emsd63.org

    My phone number is 847-745-6559. All messages get emailed to me, so I will try to get back to you as soon as I am able.


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