•  Hi Parents,

          I hope that you are as excited about our magical year together.  I love Harry Potter, so our Magical theme this year was inspired by that love!

          One of our first activities is getting to know each other.  I hope that this introduction letter will help us to get better acquainted.  I can hardly believe that this is my 27th year of teaching.  I am beginning my 11th year at Melzer and sixteenth year in East Maine School District.  This is my third exciting year teaching 3rd grade, but I have taught first or second grade for 17 years and was a literacy specialist for 6 years. 

     I have completed my endorsment in English as a Second  Language.  I am looking to continue my education by pursuing a few more courses in Special Education.  I also have Master's Degree in Reading Education from Northern Illinois University.  My Bachelor's Degree is from Roosevelt University in Early Childhood Education.  I can teach ages 0 - Third Grade and am looking forward to the challenge of 3rd grade under these different circumstances.

      I am married to a wonderful man, Chris and have 2 step children.  Taylor just graduated from ISU and  aspires to be a writer.  Tucker is 18 and just completed high school.  Of course our house would not be complete without our dog Izzy.  She is an Anatolian Shepherd mix, which means she is a big dog.  Izzy turns six on August 29 and she is 88 pounds.  She loves to go on walks, run our yard and snuggling on the bed in the morning.   She had surgery this summer on her knee, so her walks are limited for awhile.  She knows several tricks too.  I love being a Dog Mom.

       We had a busy summer even if we didn't go anywhere.  My parents moved back up to Illinois from AZ so that we can help them as needed.  Izzy had her surgery.  I did some painting and gardening too.   

     I start my days walking  and then go to the gym. or working out at home   I also enjoy gardening.  We grew our own tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash and cucumbers.   Also, I love the Marvel Super Hero movies!   Baby Groot is my favorite, especially when he dances.

      I have a long commute when school, but it is shorter than it used to be.   I listen to all kinds of audiobooks and podcasts to keep me entertained.   I am a big fan of NPR and love their informative and funny podcasts.

     I am a huge Chicago Bears fan and have high hopes for this year and Justin Fields!  I love the Cubs too and was heartbroken when the game we were going to in July was postponed and then they traded some of my favorite players.  I have to be honest.  The Cubs are real hard to watch right now.  The Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls round out my favorite sports teams.  

     I hope I have started to build a connection with you and your family. 

    Welcome to Our Third Grade!